Meet the Hero behind the photo!

And as quick as that #Speed2019 is officially over and we have a new Hero! 🥇Meet him now!

Introducing Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (aka @ajuriaguerra) our #Speed2019 Hero from Spain, whose incredible photo won him $1,000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Find out the technique he used to take and edit this mind-blowing photo in his his video below!

“My name is Pedro, I am a self-taught professional sports photographer from Bilbao, Spain.

When I was informed that I was the winner of #Speed2019, on the one hand I was in a state of disbelief as this is the second AGORA Contest I have won in less than a month! On the other hand, I felt a certain sensation of reassurance and relief seen as I am very proud of this photo and hoped and believed it could do well!

I think this image is a perfect fit with the theme of the Contest, whilst also transmitting extra values such as hard work and dedication given that the athlete photographed is actually a blind paralympic athlete!

In addition, I also worked hard on the aesthetics of the photograph to achieve the color and dynamics I wanted, with a composition that breaks with all the principles of photography (by this I refer to the rule of thirds, golden proportion etc.) given that the protagonist is located on the right of the photograph almost at its outer limit.

I would like to thank the whole AGORA Community and Team for recognising the potential of this photo and making me a Hero for the second time!”

Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

The guest judge for this Contest has been photographer Jose Luis Carrascosa

We called upon José Luis Carrascosa (@karrastock), #HappyNewWine2017 Hero, to lend the Community a hand with choosing the #Speed2019 Hero.

“My name is Jose Luis Carrascosa and I’m a professional stock photographer from Madrid. I have spent considerable time taking sports event photography and I am the official photographer of Last Lap – a pioneer of sports event organization in Spain. For this reason I love all things fast and furious!”

Guest Judge’s selection criteria:

“I have chosen @ajuriaguerra’s photo as the winner because at first sight the photo is very impressive! A panning shot at such a low shutter speed is very difficult to achieve with such sharpness of the athlete. This is a very complex shot having not been taken by a machine taking many photos per second. In addition the positioning of the athlete at this very moment… wow, it’s perfect! It’s a very tricky shot that has been captured perfectly and 100% reflects the concept of speed, congratulations fellow AGORA photographer!

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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