Take your mobile photography to the next level!

We all know the photographic capacities of SmartPhones are ever increasing and the number of enthusiasts, including on AGORA, is significantly growing; however what you may not know is the amount of accessories available to maximize your mobile photography experience!

So if SmartPhone photography is your thing take a look at our 3 favorite accesorios, sure to convince you to invest more in your mobile photography skills:

1. Clip-on lenses

SmartPhone lenses are better than ever, but there’s only so much you can do with lenses less than a centimeter across. That’s where clip-on lenses come in! The extra glass can let in a lot more light and give you better control of exposure, color temperature and other parameters via the apps.

While some lenses are relatively simple clipping directly to your phone (e.g. Olloclip‘s selection), others (like models from Moment) require a case for your specific model of phone!

If you’re considering the idea of mobile lenses, but not seriously enough to fully invest just yet, Aukey’s Ora kit might do the trick. For an affordable price, you get a 140-degree wide-angle lens, plus a 10x macro lens for close-up shots. What’s more, it works with a number of smartphones, including the iPhone 8!

2. Tripod

Despite the increase in manual controls that enable the SmartPhone photographer increasingly greater control, allying your device with a stabilizer or tripod will surely take your mobile photography a step forward even enabling great long exposure shots.

Joby’s GripTight flexible tabletop GorillaPod are a popular choice both for photographers and videographers given they act as a convenient handle and tripod in one. In can handle any smartphone measuring 66 to 99 mm and can be set on rocks or other uneven surfaces or even wrap it around a tree. It’s small and lightweight qualities, in addition to its accessible price, mean that it is perfect for travelling anywhere and is a must-have accessory for all smartphone photographers!

3. Extra lighting

When endorsing the virtues of their cameras, most SmartPhone manufacturers don’t talk about the flash. Suffice to say, most are pretty dim, so if you’re doing a lot of night shooting, you could probably use some help.

The iBlazr 2 LED light has four LED lights that can clamp to the top of your iOS or Android phone and sync to the stock cameras over Bluetooth. It can extend your shooting distance by 80 feet, compensate for indoor lighting, and handle 300 flashes or three hours of continuous light on a charge!

So don’t hang around get your favorite(s) now and take your SmartPhone photography to another level!

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Questions for the community:

Which accessory has caught your eye?

What other photography accessories are you interested in?

Let us know and we’ll feature them on our next accessories post! 👇