Top Tips with Zabri Shupli!

With the recent launch of #Architecture2019, we wanted to help out and inspire the Community! So we got in touch with one of the many inspiring photographers from the AGORA Community whose work boasts some stunning architectural shots!

Meet Zabri Mohd Shupli (@__along) – one of the Top 50 photographers in #Architecture2018 and multiple other Contests!

So if you want to succeed in #Architecture2019 look no further, you’re in the right place! Follow his 5 top tips and you’re sure not to go wrong! 👇

“My name is Zabri but in the world of photography I go by the name Along. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I love photography, however I do not do it professionally, it is simply a hobby of mine! I am honoured to be able to offer my personal advice to the AGORA Community on taking photos of architecture. Best of luck to everyone!”

Emphasize unique features!

“Staircases, bridges, windows or even brick work! By focusing on features that make a building different to others photographers have the ability to showcase what architecture really is – art! The following picture for example was taken from the top level of a staircase and takes the form of a snail’s shell. The higher the staircase the more impressive and beautiful the image will be.

In addition, don’t be afraid to include people, architecture doesn’t exist without them! 😉”


Play with reflections!

“It’s fun during shoots to play with water reflections. People may look at you strangely wondering what you’re doing shooting at such a low angle, but your photos can seem 2 times as spectacular! Take a look at the #puddlegram movement by searching on the internet or instagram and be inspired by creative ideas!”

Floating mosque

Symmetry, symmetry, symmetry!

“Straight lines and mirror effects are something that can make your architecture photos really stand out, giving them a real sense of elegance and harmony. By taking the following photo from a low angle and looking up I was able to achieve perfect symmetry. These types of images are both striking but minimalist!”


Think outside the box… window or door!

“Play with framing. You could shoot from a window, a door, in between trees, gates, in crowded places – do not limit your imagination! Just make sure you know what your target subject is and adjust your perspective to show your point of interest. The following picture was taken on my phone. 👇📱”

Look up (or down!)

“Follow the man-made lines and shapes architects and engineers have designed for us. Create something extraordinary with the ordinary! This image serves as an example of using architecture to help choose your frame, composition and perspective. Although the low angle I took and crouching between the two escalators was a little dangerous the resulting photo was worth it. I took this photo on my phone with an attached wide lens!”

There’s no time to waste, hit the streets and start looking at your surrounding with a new perspective and put these tips to practise.

You be could be part of the Top 50 photographers, or better – the Hero! 👑

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