Meet the Hero of the #Eyes 2018 Contest

Let us introduce you to our #Eyes 2018 Hero: Michael Aboya, aka @eighthman, whose spectacular photo has won him $1,000 + 100,000⭐️s!

Michael Aboya – 2 time Agora Hero

“My Name is Michael Aboya, I am a self taught photographer from Ghana based in the capital city Accra. I love to take photos that tell stories that people can relate to, inspire them and have a positive impact on their lives. Sometimes I find myself more into conceptual photography, inspired by music, movies, books I’ve read, the environment around me and sometimes I am my own inspiration. I always make sure I have the most important aspect visible in my photos – the true personality of the people I shoot.

I had just completed a shoot when the young boy in my winning photo came up to me requesting for a shot, the first thing I noticed where his eyes, they said alot to me without him having to speak, so I grabbed my camera and captured that voice in his eyes.”

Michael is now an AGORA Hero for the second time! Check out our interview with him after he won the #Sound Contest 2018. πŸ†πŸ†

The Guest Judge for this contest has been photographer Aridane Llarena

We called upon Aridane Llarena aka @photollarena – the 2017 Hero of the #Eyes contest – to lend the community a hand with choosing this year’s Hero. Aridane is a photographer from the Canary Islands, Spain.

“My name is Aridane Llarena, I’m a professional photographer and teacher in my very own photography school where I lead courses and workshops. I’m also the proud author of the winning photograph of the #Eyes contest of the year 2017.”

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: All 50 finalist photos are very deserving of being chosen. I have chosen @eighthman ‘s photo as the winning photo, because in my opinion it is the best portrait, the one that most transmits sensations and therefore the one that best adapts to the #Eyes contest. A daring frame, a perfect focus and a very clean natural edition, make this composition my favorite.

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Michael Aboya for becoming our #Eyes 2018 Hero! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽ‰

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