Meet the Hero of the #Smile Contest

On AGORA our contest winners are our Heroes: The photographer with the best photo as voted by the AGORA Community, guest judges and the sponsor brand becomes the Hero of a Contest and the author of the greatest photo of the year in that Contest category!

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Let us introduce you to our #Smile 2018 Hero: Frolandi Rivera, aka @froirivera, whose spectacular photo won him $1,000 + AGORA Hero T-shirt + 100,000⭐️s! Find out about the photographer and the story behind this photo below 👇🏼

Winning Photo 

“I am from Manila, Philippines and I work as an architectural designer and a freelance photographer. I mostly do event and wedding photography.  I  am a spontaneous photographer shooting anything that I see as a beautiful subject. Travel photography has been my love ever since I started this hobby.

I live in a city where children happily play on the streets, they don’t rely so much on technology but instead play with their friends like I did in my childhood.  One day I saw these kids (the ones in my photo 👆) playing next to a recycling area with an old TV beside them. I took pictures as they were playing.  The photo reflects the resilience of our people. We Filipinos smile at almost anything, even through hard times and calamities you can see a genuine smile painted on our faces.”

The Guest Judge for this contest has been photographer Santi Nuñez aka @nunezimage

We called upon Santi Nuñez, #Trust 2017 Hero and Madrid based stock photographer, to lend the community a hand with choosing the #Smile 2018 Hero. 

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: I am a photographer in love with my profession since I started almost 4 years ago. It has blessed me with the enormous privilege of meeting incredible people all over the world which has meant that I have learnt and enjoyed myself in each and every session. In this time I have found that the photographs that most make me enjoy what I do for a living are those in which a smile is found on the other side of the lens.

I have chosen @froirivera’s photo as the winning photo, because it shows everything that a smile should have: spontaneity, sincerity and emotion!

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Frolandi Rivera for becoming our #Smile 2018 Hero! 👏🏽🎉

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Questions for the AGORA Community:

What type of photography makes you #Smile?
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