Meet the Guest Judge of the #Urban Contest and discover his Tips for making it to the finals!

David Tamurejo @dtamu is a mobile photographer from Madrid. He is last year’s #Black&White Hero, a style that predominates his work and where he feels in his element. We are so glad to have him as the Guest Judge for the #Urban contest, which is actually his field of expertise.

David has revealed to us the techniques he uses when shooting this genre of photography hoping they will serve as inspiration and help you achieve better results in this Contest:

“Basically, what I usually look for are places with suggestive entries of light, to exaggerate the contrast between light and dark areas and obtain pure blacks and whites. Outdoor photography facilitates this natural effect, more-so than indoor photography. I find shooting in black and white is easier and I love to minimize the surrounding atmosphere and enhance the silhouettes – just like everyday life which has its moments of light and shadow.

Guest judge photographer David Tamurejo @dtamu

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We also want to contribute our share! Follow these Tips to be within touching distance of the Finals.

1. Remember to upload only your best photos. The Community and the judges, along with the sponsors of the contest, will select the best entries.

2. Upload your images at the highest resolution possible. Low resolution images will be discarded.

3. Only upload images related to the #Hashtag of the Contest.

4. It is important to have a gallery of quality images to back up your photography skills in the event you make it to the Finals.  We recommend that you have at least 30 images.

5. Once you have uploaded your photos, share them with the Community and in your personal Social Media telling everyone to vote for you!


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