5 Live Music Photographers you have to see!

Recently, we shared a post about the outstanding work of 3 AGORA Heroes specialized in Live Music Performances. They gave us fundamental tips on breaking through to this thrilling genre of photography.

In the event that 3 photographers just wasn’t quite enough to quench your thirst, here are another 5 amazing professional photographers that can surely ignite the live music photographer inside you. (After all, the more the merrier, right?)

1. Isha Shah,

Isha Shah has to be one of the most interesting Live Music Photographers right now. She’s got a very personal style that transmits the mood of the performance and transports the viewers to quite a particular psychedelic state of mind. She defines herself as a “London based photographer capturing fragments of light”.



2. Atane Ofiaja

Currently working in New York, Nigerian photographer and writer Atane Ofiaja focuses on documenting the African diaspora, with a focus on musicians and immigrant communities.


3. Adam Haranghy

German photographer Adam Haranghy, based in Munich, has photographed a wide variety of bands and artists since 2010, shooting everyone from Florence + the Machine to Franz Ferdinand.


4. Talia Azadian

Talia Azadian comes from a long line of photographers, and describes her love of photography as beginning at a very young age.


5. Matthias Hombauer

Austrian photographer Matthias Hombauer has shot notable artists like Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Miley Cyrus, and many others. Hombauer also runs a blog dedicated to helping other photographers get started shooting concerts and musicians. So, if you’re willing to become a Rockstar Photographer, this is where to start!



Have you ever taken Live Music shots before? After reading this post try it again and leave us some comments on your results!! 👇🏼