Live Music Photography Part I: Capturing Emotion

If you consider yourself an adrenaline-junkie photographer who seeks exciting experiences to photograph, Live Music Photography is for you. Music is an art form that mobilizes and moves people not only physically but emotionally as well. Capturing this emotion exhibited during live performances and reflecting it in a single image is the challenge that faces live music photographers.

We want to share these inspiring photographer’s points of view of live music encouraging you to try this exciting photography genre. All of these photographers are AGORA Heroes you need to check out and follow as they can help you improve your skills and take your photo game to the next level.

Clara Orozco @CLAROR

Clara is a young photographer based in Barcelona, Spain and one of the most recent AGORA Heroes. She covers lots of photography genres but has a particular passion for live music shots, her specialist area. You can learn more about her in our  #Architecture Hero post.

Reiko Fitzke @rficture

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks” photographer Robert Frank.

Reiko Fitzke from Dresden, Germany is one of our first ever AGORA Heroes, winning the #PointOfView contest early in 2017. He believes “We have to observe a scene, understand it, create our own image before we capture it. Music has Magic Powers, as it can change people, time and space. The photographer’s eye should learn to listen, get in touch and become one with that magic.”

His tips for the community:

  1. Visit small concerts in your city – they offer you room to experiment and cheaper tickets.
  2. Go to concerts with music that you love – that’s what makes watching live music easier for the beginners.
  3. Don’t worry too much about technology, but become one with your camera and your favorite lens (I shoot only with 50mm fixed focal length).
  4. Pay attention to the style of the lighting technician, then you will know when you have good light.
  5. Respect the musicians as well as the fans – for both it is an intimate moment.

Òscar Penelo @oscar_penelo 

Òscar Penelo is self-taught photographer based in Barcelona. He is the #Blue Hero. His relationship with photography started by making posters and advertising for theatre. Later on, he started to cover music festivals combined with social events and lifestyle photo sessions.

His tips for the community:

  1. Try to anticipate the movements of the artist and the lighting. This is a type of photography that, if mastered, is very impactful because behind it there are public figures who are used to posing and a lighting set designed to be mesmerizing.
  2. Don’t waste time looking at 360 degrees all the time because the perfect moment can occur in any position on the stage or among the audience.
  3. Use semi-automatic modes such as opening priority, very wide openings and play with exposure compensation. This will allow you to concentrate into the scene and be less concerned in the camera settings.

Penelo uses a Sony a7r3 with the following objectives:
– Zeis Batis 25 2.0
– Sony 55 1.8
– Sony 85 1.8


Do you like Live Music Photography? Is there any other photography genre you would like us to do a post about? Let us know! 👇🏼