7 Video tutorials for sweet results in the #Food Contest

Understanding the different genres of photography is key for developing the one that suits your interest, capacities or vocation. As we recently launched the #Food Contest, we want to give you some fundamental tips for taking better photos in this particular style or genre. Don’t forget to check out other blog posts with photography tips on composition and lighting so you can learn how to master them and improve your chances to be the next AGORA Hero!!

1- Award winning photographer Skyler Burt: 6 food photography tricks in 2 minutes!!

6 of the best food photography tricks around. Learn more about each one here!

2- How To Create Flying Food Photos.

Ever wondered how to create levitating food photography? Quickly learn how to make flying food photos and freeze time and space.

3- Pro Photoshop Trick For Food Photographers.

Ever run out of food or not have enough props to fill out those amazing compositions for your food photography? This tutorial will solve that problem for you with an elegant solution from Skyler’s Food Photography Masterclass.

4- Food Photography Tips with Andrew Scrivani with Adobe Creative Cloud

Photographer Andrew Scrivani shares his top 5 tips on how to improve your food photography.

– Define your light source and shoot against it to create shimmer and shadow.

– Soften light with a diffuser for a softer look.

Cut and shape light to create more contrast.

Know your camera.

Use food and props to create a world.

5- The VegandyFood photography basics – Lighting techniques.

In this video, Andy shows you how to use different lighting setups to get beautiful and professional looking photos of your food. He explains the differences between natural and artificial light sources, including sunlight, a softbox and a normal lamp, and how to make the most of them to get a perfectly lit photo.

6- The Bite Shot

Watch professional food photographer Joanie Simon, reviewing some shots and giving tips on how to take food photography to the next level.

7- That’s SageEver wondered which lenses are best for food photography?

In this video Lauren is diving into the details of focal length, macro, prime, zoom and more, to help you pick the best lenses for your photography! This is a full trip for beginners! Here you will find detailed information about camera basics and how to master them in order to take better photos. So dive in, you won’t regret it!


Have you ever taken food shots before? After reading this post try it again and leave us some comments on your results!! Don’t forget to submit your best photos to the #Food contest!