5 Vlogs to Improve your photography: become an AGORA Hero

Shutter speeds, f-stops, technique, composition, lighting… If you have the passion, you can learn everything you need to to improve your photography. AGORA makes it easier for you! These tools will improve your chances to win an AGORA Contest and become our next AGORA Hero!

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5 tips to instantly up your photography game.

Peter McKinnon is Vlogging fresh innovative photography content from Canada. This guy is great at putting tough things in layman terms! In this video he shares 5 basic tips that will make big differences and get you great results. Take a few seconds to think before you take a picture:

  1. Angles. Think and observe before you snap.
  2. Shoot through something. Add that extra interest and dynamic to the photo.
  3. Think opposite. Look for different perspectives.
  4. Lighting. Simple options.
  5. Framing. Placing objects into the frame in a way that helps storytelling or provides an atmosphere.

Camera basics 1.

McKinnon talks about 3 things that compliment each other and that you should use without even thinking if you are doing photography.

  1. Shutter speed. It directly affects motion on a picture.
  2. Aperture. It controls the amount of light that goes in, combined with fast shutter speeds to get nice bright images, sharpness in the entire frame or just in a particular subject. It leaves the background blurred to create contrast.
  3. ISO. “Fake light” to brighten up scenes and situations. Bump up the ISO for clearer images, but don’t forget about the “noise”!

Camera Basics 2.

McKinnon goes to different camera settings and explains them in an easy way:

  1. White balance. Explanation in a nutshell.
  2. Focus modes. 3 main focus modes: Continuous / Single / Manual.

5 Ways to improve your mindset.

Joe Allam is a young independent creative from London specialized in travel photography. In this video Joe helps you focus on evolving your mind and your eye in order to improve your photography with these tips:

  1. Shoot in the right light and at the right time of day.
  2. Always have your camera with you and ready to shoot.
  3. Make photography your primary focus.
  4. Critically analyze the images you like.
  5. Search for specific feedback for your images.
  6. Take your time and be patient.

5 Beginner photography mistakes and how to solve them!

Allam shares  5 common mistakes beginner photographers do and solutions to improve your photography skills:

  1. Uneven horizons across an image.
  2. Not understanding how to set white balance.
  3. Blurry or unsharp images.
  4. Lack of space awareness within composition.
  5. Not setting the correct exposure.

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Do you shoot your photos with a camera or mobile phone? Have these videos been of help for you to learn how to improve your photography?