Want to take your photography to the next level ? 6 photography tutorials you should watch now.

In this day and age all the information one could need is within reach; but knowing which photography tutorials to choose in order to improve your skills can be challenging when there are so many available. So, in the spirit of democratizing photography AGORA images brings you the top 6 photography tutorials you should watch to improve your skills.

We’ve chosen to share 3 composition tutorials and 3 portraiture lighting tutorials using natural light, brought to us by the hand of successful photographers like Steve McCurry, that will help you to improve the quality of your photos.

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3 Composition tutorials to improve the framing and the power of your photos.

Framing is one of the main elements in photography storytelling because it guides the viewer through the image, giving an order of importance to every detail. Good composition can also make an image pleasant or unpleasant to the eye.

In these 3 photography tutorials we will learn the principles of composition and how they can help us focus attention on the aspects we as creators believe are the most important on a photograph.

1. Steve McCurry Composition Tips

Get 9-in-1! These 9 great tips were put together by COOPH, featuring one of the masters of contemporary photography, Steve McCurry, to whom we will soon dedicate one of our posts.


2. Composition by Saurav Sinha

1. What is composition ?

2. Why is composition important ?

3. Composition guidelines and tips.

3. Julian Melanson – Composition

The Rule of Thirds in 5 minutes | Creating More Dynamic Framing.


3 Natural lighting photography tutorials. How to get great portraits shooting against the sunlight.

We’ve always been told that we shouldn’t shoot against the sunlight or our subjects would come out covered in dark shadows. That is a rule we should follow, unless we use the manual mode to compensate and learn to use reflectors to fill in the shadows and properly light our subject’s face as we do portraits.

With the following three photography tutorials we are going to learn how to master Backlighting portraits guided by experienced photographers such as Karl Taylor, Joe Edelman and Jared Polin.

4. Natural Light Portraiture – A Little Known Secret!

Discover one of the most interesting tips to master specific natural lighting in this photography tutorial, by the hand of photographer Karl Taylor, shooting into the sun using only a reflector to fill in the shadows!


5. Backlighting Photography Tutorial

Jared Polin teaches us how to shoot our photos directly facing the Sun.


6. Shooting Awesome Portraits in Bright Sunlight – No Reflectors or Strobes

In this detailed tutorial, Joe Edelman breaks some rules and talks about how to shoot great portraits in outside locations under bright sunlight without reflectors or a flash to fill in the harsh shadows.

Questions for the AGORA Community

Did you learn something new from these photography tutorials ? What other photography tutorials would you share with the AGORA community ? What other photography tutorials would you like to see on the blog ?