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#Summer2019 Winner

Cameron Aird

$ 1000

Author Avatar

"Agora has helped me share my images on another level and with people all around the world"

#Small2019 Winner

Dikye Ariani

$ 1000

Author Avatar

"I love to explore my skills in photography through all of the varied themes Agora launches"

#Water2019 Winner

Lee Mumford

Credits Jackpot

Author Avatar

"It’s a huge achievement to be crowned the Hero for #Water2019!"

#Nature2019 Winner

Naing Tun Win Bagan

$ 1000

Author Avatar

"I’m so happy that the Community loves this image as much as I do. Thank you, Agora!"

#Yellow2019 Winner

Charlie B.

$ 1000

Author Avatar

"I was so thrilled to learn that I was the #Yellow2019 Hero and can’t thank the community enough!"

#Aerial2019 Winner

Hugo Healy

$ 1000

Author Avatar

"Thank you to Agora for doing so much for the Community. Download the app for your chance of winning!"

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People create, vote and curate

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